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Trivia > Science and Technology > Physics Trivia

Are you looking for trivia on Science and Technology - Physics ? Check us out.

Did You Know?
  • Can we travel into the future?
    Possibly. One other way to travel into the future is called time dilation. Time appears to slow down for objects moving near the speed of light. Theoretically, time would get slower and slower and eventually stop for someone moving at the speed of light. That is, time to the speeder would appear normal and the rest of the world would seem to be aging very fast. The only problem is that we can't yet reach the speeds needed for the time dilation to be noticeable.

  • Can we travel into the future...NOW?
    Traveling into the past is not possible for us....for the present. Theoretically, however, it may be possible in this universe. Einstein's theory of general relativity allows for phenomena known as closed timelike curves (CTCs) to exist. These have been theorized to be related to faster-than-light travel. In a CTC, the traveler would, through a distortion created in space-time, appear in the past. The problem with this sort of travel is that CTC's would need matter with a negative density to be created.

  • The acronym LASER stands for what?
    Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

  • What mathematician's work do the modern concepts of infinity stem from?
    Russian, Georg Cantor (1845 - 1918).

  • A ball goes over a cliff that is 40 meters above the ground at a speed of 14 meters per second. Assuming no air resistance, what is the horizontal acceleration?
    When the ball goes over the cliff, the horizontal componant of velocity will not change until it hits the ground. If there is no change in velocity, then there can be no acceleration.

  • What is Ohm's Law?
    Electricity: Voltage (V) = Current (I)* Resistance(R).

  • What is mass?
    How much inertia you possess.

  • Scientists nowadays hypothesize about superluminal speeds. What particles (if they exist) are thought to go faster than light?

  • The amount of kinetic energy an object has depends upon what factors?
    Mass and velocity. Kinetic energy is one- half times mass times the velocity squared.

  • A rock is thrown straight up with an initial velocity of 30 meters per second, approximately what height will the rock will reach?
    Its 3 seconds to the top and the average speed is 15 meters per second so 45 meters.

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