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United States History Trivia

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Trivia > History Trivia > United States History Trivia.

Are you looking for trivia on History ? Check us out.

  • Where was the first battle of the War of Independence and who won it?
    The Massachusetts Militiamen won the Battle of Lexington and Concord when they forced the British to retreat from Concord back to Boston. The British were trying to confiscate colonial arms from a depot at Concord. The battle, which took place on the night of April 18-19, 1775, was the first military encounter of the American Revolution (1775-83).

  • Where did the Battle of Bunker Hill take place?
    Actually, it took place not on Bunker Hill but on Breed's Hill, on June 17, 1775. A little trick question there.

  • Who was Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier?
    He was the French nobleman better known to as Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834).

  • What was the name of the first slave ship built in the English colonies?
    It was the Desire, launched from Marblehead, Massachusetts, in 1637.

  • What was the first American colony to abolish slavery?
    Vermont in 1777.

  • When was the importation of slaves outlawed in the U.S.?
    On January 1, 1808. However, it is estimated that 54,000 slaves were brought illegally to the U.S. between 1808 and the Civil War.

  • What percentage of Southern families owned large plantations?
    According to the 1860 census, only 4 percent of the white population of the South owned plantations large enough to be farmed by 20 or more slaves. About 1 percent owned plantations needing 50 or more slaves. Seventy five percent of white families owned no slaves.

  • What was the single bloodiest day of the Civil War?
    It was September 17, 1862, when General George McClellan's Union forces and Robert E. Lee's Confederate troops fought the Battle of Antietam. The battle took place in Antietam Creek near Sharpsburg, Maryland, ending with the retreat of Lee's army into Virginia on September 18. The Union suffered over 12,000 casualties, with 2,100 men killed; the Confederates suffered over 10,000 casualties, with 2,700 men killed.

  • How many Americans died in the Civil War?
    Union deaths from battle or disease totalled 364,511. Authoritative figures for the confederacy are not available, but most estimates range around 260,000. The total of 620,000 deaths makes this conflict the bloodiest in the nation's history...including World War II

  • What was the "Trail of Tears"?
    It refers to the forced exile, of 17,000 Cherokee from Georgia in 1838-39, under the terms of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. About 4,000 people, one in four Cherokees, died of hunger and disease on their way to Oklahoma.

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